I Am Planning a Sad Bachelor Party

For the record if you find the other guys there are no such things as cheap escorts in Las Vegas, I convened a meeting after I did my research and informed that they either had to scale down the entertainment plans or they had to really scale up the budget. I do not think any of them had any idea what they were saying when they started talking. All of them put a few dollars into the pot and then they told me to hire a small army of super hot escorts and strippers. You can find lots of girls who do one, the other or both and there are plenty of super hot ones too. However when you start to talk money the budget that I have is not even going to whisper their names. I told them they would all laugh at the money I had when I messaged them. I might be able to get one stripper who would show up for half an hour, demand cash and then bolt. That would leave very little for a hotel room and maybe enough for a few six packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

So I sat them all down and showed them the yellow legal pad where I had taken down my notes. I showed them pictures of the super hot escorts that I had talked to and then some more affordable girls I had found. None of them were going to do anything past stripping for anything remotely close to the money. So we started to think about other ways to come up with money. One guy thought we should try to take out a loan, but I was not putting up any collateral or paying back any of it and no one else seemed to volunteer to do that.

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