I Feel Right at Home in My New Surroundings

I still find myself musing about the fact that we have moved across the world to live in a beautiful city that I had never been to prior to moving to live here. As soon as we got here, my husband and I chose to buy a condominium at Treasure at Tampines in Singapore immediately. Prior to buying the condo, I wondered what the purchasing process would be like, and I have to say that it was seamless. Our real estate agent walked us through everything, and we loved that she guided us so easily throughout the process.

Moving to another country was not that hard for me because I had the help of my husband who has been here many times for business. I know that some people move overseas and complain about it, but I love every part of where we live now. I view it all as a big learning experience. My hubby decided that it would be good for us to move because he can earn so much more money here than he can back home. He had been here enough times to learn the area well and was able to help me feel more comfortable very quickly.

When we first got here, he took me to a grocery store, some meat markets and some other places that he felt that I would want to get acquainted with. He also helped me to learn some of the local language so that I could show up to different stores and ask for help with confidence. Luckily, there are a lot of people who speak English here, though. My husband then took me to various restaurants and some entertainment venues to help me feel more at home. It has been a dream to move to a foreign land and learn so many new things!

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