Tips for Starting a Football Sports Memorabilia Collection

New to collecting Football Sports Memorabilia and not quite sure how to get started? It’s smart to come up with a game plan before beginning to make those first initial purchases. Read on to find a few helpful tips to put sports fans on the right track toward developing impressive collections of sports gear, clothing, and antiques.

Choose a Theme

Most impressive collections are focused around the passion of the sports fans responsible for creating them. Obviously, football fans will want to collect football memorabilia. They can narrow down their purchases further by creating a collection composed of gear and autographs from their favorite athletes or teams as well, or could choose an item to focus on such as footballs, jerseys, or even posters.

Create a Budget

While it’s true that creating a memorable collection does require some investment, both of money and of time, it’s a good idea to choose a price range prior to beginning to purchase new items. This step can also help future collectors narrow down their themes, as some pieces cost more than others. It’s perfectly possible to build a great collection of memorabilia over time without breaking the bank, so it’s best to develop a budget early on and stick to it.

Buy from Reputable Sellers

Find a seller that has a reputation for offering COA certified items. This will ensure that all pieces in the collection are legitimate and have been authenticated. It’s usually best for those who are new to memorabilia collecting to avoid buying at auctions and flea markets where it can be difficult to evaluate the authenticity of items prior to purchasing them.

Go for Quality

It’s better to purchase a smaller number of higher-quality pieces than it is to spend that hard-earned cash on items that turn out to be poor quality or inauthentic. Readers who avoid the impulse to spend money on lower-quality pieces will also find that they have more money in their budgets for those once in a lifetime opportunities that sometimes arise in the collecting world, as well. Evaluating quality shouldn’t be just about monetary worth either, but should take into account any sentimental value that the item holds for the collector.

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