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A Glimpse of Captain Kirk Era

Vikings has more to enjoy and benefit following the presence of Kirk Cousins who have rejuvenated the joy of the team members and their fans. it is through his devotion and dedication that he managed to enable Vikings draw when facing the Packers. The way he managed the game and the team members was tremendous and this lacked in the team, for a long time. In fact, his actions and performance could only be traced in the era of Daunte Culpepper. Generally, Kirk is a fundamental pillar to the team and the team’s effort to bring him from Washington and the huge payout they had to incur is worthwhile. It is evidently clear that Kirk Cousins have remained to portray humbleness and gratitude all through his two games. This article enables you discover more about Kirk Cousins.

To begin with, Kirk Cousins has during the two matches maintained a well pocketed presence. He coordinates well with his team mates and this is very much fundamental. He has got the skills to identify where there is pressure during the game and pop in to help. He is an ever present help and will avail help where necessitated. He is a reliable team player as he doesn’t keep the football for himself and he usually passes it to the next player fast. He has been passing the ball fast enough to the other team members allowing them to contribute their skills to the success of the team.

Secondly, Kirk has portrayed soberness and mental toughness during his two games. The team players have benefited more as they have witnessed Kirk’s mental stamina and the way he handles things while in the field. The team players can now step in where it deems fit as they have learned this trait from Kirk. He is not afraid of pressure and whenever he identifies an area with a lot of pressure, he takes initiative and avails a reliable solution.

While playing, Kirk Cousins is a good football distributor. It is through his behavior and coordination in the field that his team mates and fans are acknowledging the power of coordination and team work. His throws are error-free as he does the with a lot of calculations and keenness. He is unprejudiced when sharing the ball and passing it to other players.

Through the three points above, it’s possible to understand Kirk Cousins better. There is no doubt that his era will bring tremendous joy and glory to then team players and the team supporters. Kirk Cousins’ era will ultimately bring great achievements hence rejuvenating the glory of the team.

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