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Types of Canadian Immigration Sponsorships

The country which is found to the North of North America where Toronto and Ottawa cities are found is known as Canada. In Canada, there are more job opportunities, the environment is clean, better education is offered and the living conditions are better and this is why a lot of people have relocated to Canada. If you relocate to Canada and become a resident, you can sponsor certain family members to come to Canada.

This is known as Canadian Immigration Sponsorship. The Canadian immigration bodies require the sponsor and the applicant to meet some certain standards. The following are the major types of Canadian immigration sponsorships.

The first Canadian immigration sponsorship we shall look at is spouse sponsorship. Your partner in marriage is called a spouse. Only a spouse which you are in a recognized marriage can come to Canada. If you did the marriage in another country, the marriage should be formal. In order to sponsor your spouse, you should be able to support him/her for more than three years.

Another category of Canadian immigration sponsorships is conjugal partner sponsorship. A conjugal partner is a person who has had a marriage-like relationship for at least one year with the sponsor. In order for one to qualify to be your conjugal partner, you are not supposed to have lived under the same roof. A sponsor is supposed to have the ability to offer support and care to his/her conjugal partner for at least 3 years.

Children sponsorship is another type of a Canadian immigration sponsorship. If you have not reached the adult age and you still depend on your parents, you are a child. If the sponsor has dependent children, then they can join him/her in Canada. In order for the children Canadian immigration sponsorship to be approved, the sponsor should have the ability to offer support for more than 10 years.

The parent sponsorship is another major Canadian immigration sponsorship. The Canadian immigration sponsorship allow a person to apply a sponsorship for his/her parents. The parents may come together with their children who are the siblings of the sponsor. Once the parents are accompanied by the siblings, the siblings will get a resident status.

In Canada, an orphan can also get a Canadian immigration sponsorship. A person who does not have even a single parent is known as an orphan. If you live in Canada, it is possible to be joined by your relative who has no parents.

Other relative sponsorship is another type of Canadian immigration sponsorship. The other relative Canadian immigration sponsorship is meant for those who have no other sponsorship criteria that favors them.

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